let's get creative

Hickok Cole Creative is a property branding and marketing agency. As an interdependent sector of an architecture, interior and lifestyle design firm, our collaborative expertise in commercial real estate means we know the process, the product, the market and the competition. We are the brainchild of Hickok Cole Architects, born out of a long and successful tradition of in-house branding, graphic and environmental design. Over the last 10 years of our 25 year history, we have won over 50 national and regional design awards for our graphic design and marketing campaigns. As a natural extension of the work we performed for ourselves, we increasingly offered branding and marketing services to our clients in the real estate industry. In addition, we made a concerted effort to create branded environments for our clients in collaboration with our market sectors in multifamily housing, commercial office, commercial and lifestyle interiors. In 2014, we formally launched Hickok Cole Creative as an in-house ad agency to service our growing number of clients, both inside and outside the real estate community.

Our clients demand work that is as effective as it is visually seductive, so we have designed a formula for producing work that is motivated by both business and aesthetic goals. Through collaborative analysis, unconventional ideation processes, pragmatic strategies, and superior design implementation, we create work that transform visions into innovative realities.

Hickok Cole Creative has experience in a diverse range of projects – from direct mail to environmental graphics, from presentations to packaging, from corporate identity to invitations. In addition, we support our clients' goals with marketing and promotion to attract their target audience. Our areas of expertise are divided into four sectors that include both on and offline communication:

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