Classic revival meets classic rock

Longtime DC player Douglas Development and partner Nakash Holdings wanted a brand with a stiff upper lip for their repositioning of Pepco electric company’s original office building, known for its Hard Rock Café retail tenant in the heart of DC’s entertainment district.

The result of strategic visioning and exploratory design brought out a mad, masterful mix of authentic and updated, positioning the renovation as the best of the B-sides, boasting classics like a large conference facility and tenant lounge off the lobby, and deep cuts like exposed steel columns. It’s industrial glam for everyone – a couple headbangs for your buck. Because who needs sleek new renderings when your building is already way cool? We said, just turn it on its head and re-issue 999 E as a 1930s building re-innovated for 2030.

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Package Directions
Package & Pins

Packaged like an LP in an iridescent envelope, the marketing brochure is a throwback to hand-pulled screen printing and lead type lettering to make a bold and long-lasting impression across the broker audience.

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Strategy, Art Direction and Design: Hickok Cole Creative
Broker: Cushman & Wakefield
Client: Douglas Development