let's get creative

Hickok Cole Creative is a branding and marketing agency. We operate as part of Hickok Cole, a larger multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm. Our collaborative expertise in real estate means we know the process, the product, the market and the competition. And, with 30 years of experience under our belts, we have the flexibility to wear many different hats. Whether it’s a new co-working start-up, an affordable housing project or an ultra-luxury apartment building, we align our objectives with our clients’.

We understand the goals of marketing strategy, lease-up, profitability and more, but then we take it a step further. Yes, attracting the target audience is the intent, but what else can we do to elevate the brand? How can we elevate the audience’s experience?  How can we make our deliverables matter? We believe everyone deserves something authentic and exceptional. Everyone deserves something they can be proud of, from client to end-user.

That’s why pretty graphics are only one part of the story. A successful branding and marketing program relies on research and visioning that goes into the project before it even begins. Our visioning informs the brand strategy, which then informs the design. Great solutions come from the collaborative, creative vigor that we put into our process. And our process works.

We use this process for a diverse range of project types – from environmental branding to marketing engagement tools to corporate identity. Our areas of expertise can be simply divided into four sectors:

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let's get creative